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It's a pretty typical story. Girl wants to be a painter, like her parents and grandparents, yet cant quite paint. Girl wants to be an actress, but has a bit of a lisp and blushes too readily. Girl meets camera, Girl falls in love with camera, and the rest is history.


That was about 25 years ago and I haven't put a camera down since.


One of the most interesting things I find about photographers personal stories are the very varied paths that lead them to this place. Essentially you can study, read, teach yourself, work for others, work in labs, produce shoots, manage studios, test shoot or just work for free - and all because you love it.


So really this is just a story about Love.


As a married type, and a mother of two busy little kids, I know a thing or two about Love. I also know how incredibly fast paced our lives increasingly become, and how moments can just be too fleeting. I work very hard to catch them! My lovely clients always report to me that I blend in, feel like one of the guests, and make everyone at ease, while still capturing beautifully all of those moments that fly by.


With a background in documentary photography, a personal art practice, and 20 years of experience in Fashion, Advertising and Portraiture I apply all of these approaches and styles in your wedding documentation.


Love Liz x


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