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Every wedding is completely different, as are each of my clients, and as such I don’t really offer packages or structured deals, or inflict too many of my own rules or regulations upon you.


It’s best to contact me and tell me all about your day, the location, how many guests approximately, and the general feel. From there I can supply a very specific quote.


I generally work on a 4 hour minimum, but your average wedding booking goes for around 6-8 hours. Some people are happy to leave it at that, for others it may be an entire weekend of festivities that they would like to have recorded.


A rough guide to pricing is as follows;


4  hours    $2,816

7  hours    $3,690

10 hours    $4,565


Prices quoted include GST


I offer my clients a very large number of images, all of which have been edited, colour and b+w treatments applied, and processed as both small and high res jpegs. I believe that more is more! Its your amazing day and you own the right to have as many wonderful pictures of your day as possible!


Travel is $49.50 per hour for any (driving) destination that is out of the Sydney metro area. I'm pretty open to travelling almost anywhere for your wedding as well, and usually charge as per a local wedding, just requiring my travel and accommodation costs to be covered.

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